Progress so far with careworkers’ sick pay

Almost a third of COVID19 deaths, over 16,000 people, have occurred in carehomes. Careworkers are twice as likely to die of COVID19 than the general public. A little acknowledged but major factor in these carehome deaths is the low pay and insecure employment of careworkers. It is estimated that around 440,000 care workers have noContinue reading “Progress so far with careworkers’ sick pay”

Fatal flaw with Track and Trace

The government has today announced its new Track and Trace system. In addition to the current self-isolation advice for those with symptoms (7 days) and those who live with people with symptoms (14 days), the government has added a new requirement that anyone who has been in close contact with someone who has had aContinue reading “Fatal flaw with Track and Trace”

Have careworkers just won full isolation pay?

On Wednesday 13th May, in response to the growing number of deaths in care homes, Boris Johnson announced a £600 million “infection control fund” for care homes. Two days later, the Department of Health and Social Care explained how the money is to be spent. Included in the measures, buried in the small print (paraContinue reading “Have careworkers just won full isolation pay?”