The following was sent by a supporter of ours in the National Education Union in London

This is adapted from a short email that was sent in Lewisham. In that instance, the email was all that was needed to ensure that the member was retained. However, it maybe that it might serve only as opening salvo in a dispute about this. The key, I think, is to make it a collective issue, for all the workers in the school and not an individual matter.

To use this you will need to amend the text in brackets.

Dear (Headteacher/manager’s name),

In my role as NEU rep in the school I have been approached by a member, who is a (role). (He/She) has worked in the school since (date) but (he/she) is concerned that (his/her) employment will be terminated (date).

The union nationally and locally is very clear that all supply staff should be kept on and paid for the duration of the crisis. We know many local schools are doing just this. We are sure that you would want to act to ensure good practice is applied in (school’s name) and all the staff are treated equally and fairly within the school community. Given that I hope you can assure my members that no supply staff will lose their roles during the Covid 19 crisis. Were you to do otherwise, I am sure my members would feel it to be an attack on all of them and the school community as a whole.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


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