Full Pay when Sick – May Day week of action

Over the last year we have won many victories and most recently confirmation that the Covid Test centres (run by Serco, G4S and others) will pay full sick pay and isolation pay for their workers after our campaign. 

But we know that millions of workers get only the Statutory Sick Pay of £96 rather than there normal pay when sick. And we know that this is causing people to attend work when they should be isolating and is part of the cause for UK’s horrific death rates. People cannot afford to be off sick. 

Our week of action as part of the International Workers Day (May Day) is calling for Full Pay for All when Sick, and jointly run with PCS union. 

See event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/843533752903756

What we want you to do:
1. Attend our online action – by joining the event on Facebook and inviting and sharing 
2. Take a picture with this poster (see below) or make your own sign to say you support Full Pay For All When Sick and sent to us, share to the event etc
3. Get friends, family and workmates to know about our campaign by asking them to take a photo
4. Up for doing more? Make a short video explaining why you support full pay, or a video with a worker who only get Statutory Sick Pay
5. Even more? Organise a discussion at work, or in your union or go to a workplace (like a Covid Test Centre) – take a picture and talk to the workers and check whether they get sick pay and let us know. 

Remember that it is only by the actions of individuals like us that we are wining some victories against this government employers and this pandemic. 
The more we talk, the more we protest, the more people we will win to our campaign. 

Link to poster and PDF attached below 

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