Checkout screens: back to back problems

Protective screens have been put up between till operators in most supermarkets, in order to enable them to open twice as many tills while ostensibly adhering to social distancing guidelines, but many staff feel like they just don’t go far enough. According to a senior USDAW official, the union approved their use in Tesco (whereContinue reading “Checkout screens: back to back problems”

Nurse urges colleagues to escalate sick pay safety concerns

On Friday 17th April, mental health nurse, Stuart Jordan, wrote to Chief Nursing Officer Ruth May citing the duty under the Nursing and Midwifery Council Code to escalate patient and public safety concerns. He argues that the many workers across the health and care sectors have no right to occupational sick pay and cannot affordContinue reading “Nurse urges colleagues to escalate sick pay safety concerns”

NHS agency staff need full self-isolation pay

At the start of the pandemic NHS England, understood the need to ensure everyone carrying out duties in NHS premises had rights to follow public health advice to self-isolate on full pay. Without this right, workers are under huge financial pressure to come to work when they should be self-isolating, creating avoidable risks of infectionContinue reading “NHS agency staff need full self-isolation pay”

USDAW: Unions are an essential service!

In response to the pandemic, USDAW – the shop workers union – has closed down it’s democratic structures, cancelled all its conferences, meetings and schools, and sent everyone on release back to work. It is precisely in crises that we need our unions to increase its activity and generate wider discussions across workplaces and companies. While itContinue reading “USDAW: Unions are an essential service!”

Tesco: let’s extend these policies

Charlie is an USDAW Rep in a large format Tesco store in London Tesco’s response to the pandemic has been unusually clear, and provides a firm starting point for those of us wanting to ensure greater protections on the shop floor now and better pay and conditions when this crisis starts to subside. We’ve beenContinue reading “Tesco: let’s extend these policies”

What are management up to?

As we go out every day, worried for our own safety, struggling with inadequate PPE and whether we are bringing the virus back to our families and housemates, what are management up to?Roy Lilley writes a e-newsletter NHS Managers which claims to reach 300,000 NHS managers’ inboxes. This morning he gave a glimpse of theContinue reading “What are management up to?”

Union action wins full sick pay at Amey

Swift action from GMB union organisers has won full sick and self-isolation pay for 17,000 workers employed by Amey plc. Following negotiations for refuse workers in the London Borough of Ealing, the GMB released correspondence with Amey’s HR boss causing a small PR disaster for the outsourcing firm. During the negotiations, Amey’s senior HR boss,Continue reading “Union action wins full sick pay at Amey”