What are management up to?

As we go out every day, worried for our own safety, struggling with inadequate PPE and whether we are bringing the virus back to our families and housemates, what are management up to?
Roy Lilley writes a e-newsletter NHS Managers which claims to reach 300,000 NHS managers’ inboxes. This morning he gave a glimpse of the challenges facing management and offered some advice:
How are you getting on?  Working from home.
Are you settling-in, got a routine, got organised?
It takes some doing.  Competing for a bit of peace and quiet with the dog, the kids, the cats, the TV, ordering from Ocado, Amazon, Linked-in, Twitter, WhatsApp… I’m amazed anything gets done!  And, if your other half is working from home, the battle for the kitchen table!
Do you need some help?  Here are some ideas. 
The transition from the duvet to the desk is the tricky bit.  You are probably used to a routine in the mornings.  If there are kids around there’ll be synchronised showering, co-ordinated corn-flakes, and scheduled-sandwich-sorting-out.
If you live alone, the temptation will be to get up later and slob-about-a-bit… that’s me.
If you can manage it, get up and get ready for the day, like you always have.  Not necessarily suited and booted, but certainly smart enough to appear on an unexpected Zoom meeting.
Pretend like you’re going to the office and you’ll kid yourself to get into the right frame of mind.
Put some structure into the day.  Manage your time and include breaks.  It’s easy to get stuck-in and work through.  Bad idea.  Figure out what you have to do and when.
Give yourself a treat, a coffee break, a lunch stop.
Don’t get distracted by the rolling-news on the telly.  These are absorbing times and it’s easy to get, well… absorbed.  Give yourself times to keep across the news.  Get up, listening to the Today Programme, watch the One-o’clock news and that’s it ’till the evening.  
Agree with yourself, times to look and respond to SoMe.  If anything serious happens the Sky and BBC news apps with send you a warning.  Take the SoMe links off your computer-screen, tool bar.  
Where are you working?  Can you dedicate a place that is ‘the office’, somewhere you can ‘go to’, in the morning.  Try and make it somewhere that isn’t associated with leisure.  That means keep off the sofa.
A ‘to-do-list’ is a good friend as is a phone call to a colleague, not for the usual meetings but just to see how they are getting on.  What they are up to.  Make time for a gossip… you have permission.  
Celebrate small successes, jobs done, achievements.  Give yourself a pat on the back.  At the end of the day, share a FaceTime drink with friends.   We have to assume that Lilley is giving this advice because he knows many of his readers are failing “the transition from duvet to desk”, but are wasting  their days watching “telly” and on “SoMe”. He has made a career rubbing shoulders with these people and hears the “gossip”. 
Makes you wonder whether really are all in this together? 

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