Deliveroo riders need PPE and adequate sick pay now!

The IWGB union have written to Will Shu, the boss of Deliveroo demanding the company improve their riders′ pay, provide adequate sick pay and PPE.

The letter is signed by over 40 MPs.

It highlights the terrible conditions of gig economy workers. Yet Deliveroo riders are providing an important service and will continue to do so in the next weeks and months.

• Riders who were promised PPE have not been provided with it.

• Riders have been offered a miserly £100p/w, barely more than Statutory Sick Pay. Sky News has reported many riders finding it hard to access the fund.

• The fund does not cover riders who have to self-isolate because of other household members.

• High risk riders are not able to self-isolate.

• Current wages and conditions are less than minimum wage.

• The union is also concerned about the possibility of a spike in unfair dismissals.

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