Jeff Bezos: super spreader

Amazon have done well out of the pandemic. Very well. Over the last few weeks Amazon′s share price has rise by 50%; the personal wealth of its CEO Jeff Bezos (riches man in the world) has risen by $41 billion to $146 billion.

Anti-corporate greed blog have calculated that just 1% of Bezos’ fortune would cover two week′s sick page for Amazon′s global workforce of over 798,000. A US Amazon employee earns on average $16.26 per hour.

Not only do Amazon not provide sick pay, on the 1 May Amazon ended a policy allowing unlimited unpaid time off. According to the Guardian (7 May), in California, at least four warehouses have recorded cases of Covid-19.

SumofUs have installed a giant billboard outside Bezos’ Washington DC mansion accusing him of being a super spreader.

SumofUs are right. All bosses who refuse to pay full sick and isolation pay are contributing to the spread of the virus.

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