Section 44 gets results

The widespread use of section 44 to enforce school closures is the biggest demonstration of workers power since the start of the pandemic. Section 44 has been used by small groups of workers to win improved health and safety during the pandemic, but this action by members of the National Education Union should make theContinue reading “Section 44 gets results”

New study offers further proof: sick pay saves lives

A new study from the United States has found that emergency legislation to pay workers full sick pay has prevented hundreds of thousands of Covid infections and saved thousands of lives. Unique among OECD countries, the USA has no statutory sick pay system. Realising that this could force infectious workers into work and turn manyContinue reading “New study offers further proof: sick pay saves lives”

Test and Trace staff cannot afford to isolate

Speaking to a parliamentary committee on 10th November, head of Test and Trace, Dido Harding told MPs: “All the evidence shows that people are not complying with isolation not because they don’t want to but because they find it very difficult. “The need to keep earning and to be able to feed your family isContinue reading “Test and Trace staff cannot afford to isolate”

Hospital refuses to pay workers sick pay

Note: on 22.10.2020 BRHUT revised their answer (see comments section below). We are unsure if this was due to pressure from Safe and Equal supporters or if the original email contained an error. In any case, we continue to encourage supporters to make FOI requests of their local NHS Trusts to ensure they are complyingContinue reading “Hospital refuses to pay workers sick pay”

Millions miss out on new isolation payment

On 20th September the government announced a new scheme aimed to support low paid workers to self-isolate. The scheme itself is wholly inadequate but it is the third and most high profile admission by government that low wage, insecure work and miserly Statutory Sick Pay are major obstacles to controlling the spread of Coronavirus. FromContinue reading “Millions miss out on new isolation payment”

London Underground sick pay scandal

Reprinted courtesy of the Tubeworker blog At the beginning of the pandemic, RMT won an agreement from TfL and cleaning contractor ABM that any cleaner who needed to self-isolate, or take time off sick due to Covid, would be paid in full. Normally cleaners only receive Statutory Sick Pay of £95.85 per week, well belowContinue reading “London Underground sick pay scandal”

Official: government paper suggests less than 20% are following isolation guidelines

An official government document released at the end of August stated that “the rate of self-isolation and quarantine for those that test positive [is] currently estimated to be <20% fully adherent.” Many of us will be aware of the many bizarre rules that now govern our lives, from the rule of six to the one-wayContinue reading “Official: government paper suggests less than 20% are following isolation guidelines”

Careworkers to strike for NHS terms and conditions and £12 an hour

Careworkers in North London have threatened strikes in struggle to win £12 an hour and NHS terms and conditions. They are organising in the United Voices of the World union who say: “Throughout this deadly pandemic they have risked their lives to care for the elderly and some of the most vulnerable, and all onContinue reading “Careworkers to strike for NHS terms and conditions and £12 an hour”

Tribunal rules: Pay homecarers travel time!

Home careworkers in Haringey, supported by Unison, have been award over £10,000 each at employment tribunal in a signficant victory that could result in large payouts for hundreds of thousands of home care workers across the country. The employment tribunal ruled that the employers,  Kaamil Education Limited, Diligent Care Services Limited, and Premier Carewaiting LimitedContinue reading “Tribunal rules: Pay homecarers travel time!”

Just 41% care providers pay staff to isolate despite being given £600 million taxpayer’s money

According to the latest figures from government, just 41.4% of care providers in England have used the £600 million Infection Control Fund to pay workers who are isolating following a positive test. The government now plans to add a further £546 million to the fund. There remains some doubt as to what the remaining 59%Continue reading “Just 41% care providers pay staff to isolate despite being given £600 million taxpayer’s money”